How to get a fence permit in Westerville Ohio?

The following rules for fence installation in Westerville are sourced from the City of Westerville Zoning Code. We try to maintain an accurate version of the zoning ordinance as it pertains to fences, but always check the current version.

You will need a Westerville fence permit before proceeding with any fence construction in the City of Westerville.

ences and Hedges

1179.01   Definitions and application.

The words “fence” and “wall” mean any structure composed of wood, metal, stone, brick or other material erected in such a manner and position as to enclose, partially enclose or divide any premises or any part of any premises.  Trellises or other structures supporting or for the purpose of supporting vines, flowers or other vegetation when erected in such a position as to enclose, partially enclose or divide any premises or any part of any premises shall also be considered a fence   The provisions of this chapter shall apply to any single family or two-family residential zoning district and to no other districts.  In all other zoning districts, fences shall be approved as part of the site plan or development plan review. 

1179.02   Regulations.

In any residential district no fence or wall shall exceed six feet in height and no fence shall exceed 30 inches in height between the street right-of-way line and the building setback lines.  Supporting members for walls and fences shall be installed so as not to be visible from any other property which adjoins or faces the fences or walls being installed.  This regulation shall not apply to fences or walls which are designed so that the supporting members are identical in appearance on both sides of the fence or wall.  Fences shall be kept in proper repair and maintained so as not to create conditions which endanger the health, comfort and safety of the public.

1179.03   Permit and inspection.

No fence or wall shall be erected or constructed until a fence permit has been issued by the Zoning Officer who shall review each request to determine its compliance with this chapter.  In order to defray the cost of examination of plans and inspections, an applicant seeking a fence permit shall pay a fee in accordance with the fee schedule adopted and approved by City Council.  Each property owner shall determine property lines and ascertain that the fence or wall does not encroach upon another lot or parcel of land.  The City shall furnish such inspection as is deemed necessary.  An inspection by the City shall not be construed to mean that the City has determined that the fence is not encroaching upon another lot, nor shall it relieve the property owner of the duty imposed upon him herein or otherwise. 

1179.05   Construction on embankments.

Where a fence or wall is constructed on an embankment, or where the ground under a fence has been graded to a higher level than the surrounding ground, the permissible height of the fence, as set forth in this chapter, shall be reduced by the height of the embankment or grading.

1179.99  Penalty.

If any provision of this chapter is violated, the Zoning Officer may order that the fence, wall or hedge be removed.  If the fence, wall or hedge is not removed within ten days of the order, the owner shall be fined $10.00 each day the violation exists.

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