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Vinyl fence provides a low maintenance fencing solution for your Columbus home or commercial property. Unlike other materials, vinyl offers great appearance and high durability. Vinyl is constructed of plastic material (PVC) that resists UV rays and provides excellent strength. Our Columbus fence company offers only the best quality vinyl fencing that withstands the sun and weather. Plus, any vinyl fencing installation comes with a warranty. You will be able to enjoy the beauty and durability of your vinyl fence in Columbus for a long time.

Why Choose Vinyl Fencing for your Columbus Home

Vinyl fences need little maintenance. Unlike wood you don’t have to repaint or stain it for protection. Getting rid of dirt or moss is easy as well. All you need fir regular cleanings are soap and water, sometimes a little bit of bleach. If you water your lawn, vinyl material won’t rot. Vinyl material doesn’t rust like chain link or steel fences. A vinyl material is also impervious to insects that can destroy a wood fence.

Benefits of PVC Fencing

Vinyl fencing offers many different style options. Your installation can mimic popular wood styles such as picket fences. PVC can be molded into other appealing shapes such as curves. Vinyl fences are also as easy to install as a wood fence. This fencing solution is also very sturdy and durable. Titanium dioxide is found in vinyl, which resists UV radiation in order to prevent your fence from yellowing. Vinyl will not rot, blister, or allow the growth of fungus. It’s also very resilient in areas with large temperature swings, such as central Ohio.

Vinyl Fence Styles

We install vinyl fence solutions with the highest quality materials. We take pride in giving you excellent service that suits your budget and needs. Choose a style and we will take care of your Columbus vinyl fence installation.

  • Privacy fence. It delivers maximum privacy with no gaps between planks.
  • Picket fence. The white picket fence is a classic look. It provides a decorative and function accent for your property.
  • Post & Rail fence. This type of vinyl fence is inspired by corrals and other enclosures, but also common in suburban settings.
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Commercial Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence can also be an option for your Columbus area business.

Commercial vinyl fence differs from residential vinyl fence products in several important ways:

  • Made from thicker vinyl and ribbed for strength.
  • Has higher concentrations of Titanium Oxide (Ti02) to withstand UV from sunlight.
  • More resistant to impacts.
  • Installed with heavier duty brackets and hardware.
vinyl fence company columbus ohio

Choose The Best Vinyl Fence Installers In Columbus Ohio

  • Licensed: Residential fencing contractors operating in Columbus Ohio need a Home Improvement Contractor license. The other counties in the Columbus Metropolitan Area each have their own licensing requirements.
  • Accreditation: Check to see if your vinyl fence installer belongs to professional associations such as the American Fence Association.
  • Experience: Your vinyl fencing installer should have sufficient experience in the industry. Highly experienced installers will be able to provide a level of service and expertise that new installers simply cannot provide.
  • Reputation: The reputation of the vinyl fence company in your community is relatively more important as compared to their experience in the industry. Requesting the names of at least three different references in your neighborhood that have installed a vinyl fence from that installer is a good way to assess an installer’s reputation.
  • Communication: Once your decide on a vinyl fence installation, you should choose an installer that offers responsive communication. Stay away from fence companies that fail to respond to your requests for quotes or return your phone calls. You want to choose a responsive installer.

Vinyl Fence FAQ

A typical vinyl fence installation in the Columbus area will cost between $18 and $40 per linear foot. The height and specialty details will substantially increase the cost.

No, vinyl costs more than wood. However, vinyl lasts longer and requires much less maintenance.

Vinyl fences are worth it if you are concerned about low maintenance and durability. A vinyl fencing installation will require a larger investment up front but less long term care.

Yes, vinyl fences can contain your dog. As long as the vinyl pickets are close enough together to prevent your pet from escaping.

A well maintained vinyl fence can last 20 to 30 years. Vinyl fencing will outlast nearly all wood fencing. Most vinyl fence manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty.

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