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Why choose a split rail fence? No doubt you are familiar with these quaint fences that originally lined rural properties. Split rail fencing offers an economical option for residential wood fences.

Sometimes referred to as “post and rail fences”, these fences are made of wood logs that have been split lengthwise to create the rails. They may have two, three, or four rails, with lots of open space which may be covered by wire mesh.

Check with our fence installers to discuss your fence rail options.

Split Rail Fence with Wire Mesh

Customers often install split rail fence with wire mesh. Wire mesh keeps your pets in, pests out, and maintains the open appearance of split rail fencing.

You have several wire fencing options:

  • Galvanized welded wire: Stronger than woven wire due to the welded joints. Recommended and most popular choice. Due to welds not as useful on uneven ground.
  • Woven wire: Wire woven into a mesh, not welded at joints. Often referred to as “field fence”. Also available with vinyl coating.
  • Vinyl coated wire: Welded wire mesh vinyl (PVC) coated in a variety of colors, with green and black being the most common. Some cities in the Columbus metro area require vinyl coated.
split rail fencing with wire mesh installed in columbus ohio

Vinyl Split Rail Fence

More property owners are choosing vinyl split rail fencing for residential and agricultural use. You will also find this fencing referred to as vinyl ranch rail or vinyl post and rail. Why choose vinyl rather than traditional wood?

Actually, there are multiple reasons to consider split rail vinyl fencing:

  • Stronger and more durable than wood,
  • much less maintenance is required,
  • will last for several decades with proper care,
  • and more cost-effective over the long-term.
vinyl split rail fence columbus ohio

Examples of Split Rail Fence with Wire Mesh

cedar split rail fence with woven wire too keep dog inside yard

Cedar split rail fence with woven wire to contain dog.

cedar split rail fence with galvanized welded wire mesh installed in Columbus Ohio.

Cedar split rail fence with galvanized welded wire mesh.

split rail fence with vinyl coated welded wire installed in Columbus Ohio.

Split rail fence with PVC coated welded wire mesh.

split rail fence with vinyl coated woven wire installed in Columbus Ohio

Split rail fence with vinyl coated woven wire mesh.

Popular Choices in Split Rail Fences

two rail split rail fence installation in columbus ohio

2 Rail Split Rail

The two rail split rail fence offers and iconic and rustic look. The rails are timber logs split length wise. Often made from Western Red Cedar or Yellow Pine.

Typical height will be 36″ or 42″.

three rail split rail fence installation in columbus oh

3 Rail Split Rail

Three rail split rail fencing remains one of the most popular fencing options in central Ohio. Many local cities and HOAs allow this

Typical height will be 48″.

4 rail split rail fence made of cedar and installed near columbus

4 Rail Split Rail

Four rail split rail fencing works for applications where a taller fence is required. A typical height would be 60″.

More likely to be installed for farm use.

post and rail fence installation in columbus ohio

Round Rail

Round rail fences use milled rails rather than split so they leave you with the classic look of a smooth round fence, rather than the rustic look of split rails.

Often seen with two rails or three rails and wire mesh. Fencing made of cedar and pressure treated pine.


Best Wood Choices for Split Rail Fencing

split rail fence made of pressure treated southern yellow pine in columbus ohio

Southern Yellow Pine

Affordable option for split rail fencing. Excellent weather resistance when pressure treated with ACQ2 treatment. Yellow pine posts will last well in soil.

Disadvantages of pressure treated southern yellow pine will be 1) difficult to stain, and 2) will will be prone to warping.

closeup of western red cedar split rail fence installed in columbus ohio

Western Red Cedar

Durable, stable and stands up well to weather for many years. The resins found in Western Red Cedar also make it resistant to insects. The knotty structure makes it well suited for fencing. Not prone to warping.

More expensive and not as easy to source.

close up of black locust split rail fencing installed in columbus ohio

Black Locust

Hardest wood available and will outlast all other options for split rail fencing.

close up of poplar split rails ready for installation in columbus ohio


High quality poplar logs offer an economical choice for split rail fencing. Typically poplar split rail will be cheaper than cedar, but not quite as durable. Poplar should be pressure treated with ACQ treatment to maximize durability.

Cedar-tone poplar can be obtained. Also, poplar rails can be combined with a more durable type of post.

inventory of hemlock split rail fencing for installation in the columbus ohio metro area


Less expensive option for rails. Not for ground contact unless treated. Often used in combination with more durable posts that can withstand ground contact.


Split Rail Fence Gates

No split rail fence project will be complete without gates. While a gate can be constructed of split rail other styles of gates also work. Check out these gates from split rail fence installations:

swing swing gate constructed of split rail fencing
Single Swing Gate
double swing gate constructed of split rail fencing near columbus
Double Swing Gate
picket fence gate installed in split rail fence near columbus ohio
Picket Fence Gate
double picket fence gate installed in split rail fence in columbus OH
Double Picket Gate

Split Rail Fence Installation FAQ

Expect to pay from $15 to $25 per linear foot for installation of split rail fence. The biggest driver of cost will be the type of wood selected for the rails and posts. An additional cost will be if you choose to add wire mesh to your split rail fence.

Black locust is the most durable wood for a split rail fence. Western Red Cedar and Southern Yellow Pine offer a lot of durability and are commonly available. The best choice for a less expensive fence will be pressure treated yellow pine.

A cedar split rail fence should last 15 years or more. Pressure treated wood will last around 10 years, depending on the conditions. Locust can last 20 years or more.

Fence posts for a split rail fence are set six to ten feet apart. Corner posts are set first and then posts spaced to accommodate typical eight foot or ten foot rails.

Typically a split rail fence will be 48 inches in height. However, local zoning rules in the Columbus Metro Area sometimes limit the height of fences to less than 48 inches. As always, check with your HOA and the local zoning ordinances.


Our split rail fencing contractors install and repair split rail fences throughout the Columbus area, including the cities of Ashley, Bexley, Delaware, Dublin, Gahanna, Galloway, Grandview Heights, Groveport, Grove City, Hilliard, Lancaster, Logan, Marysville, Newark, New Albany, Pataskala, Pickerington, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Obetz, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Whitehall and Worthington.

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