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Get an estimate for fence installation in Columbus Ohio. Call 614-683-0500. Our fence installers serve Columbus and Central Ohio. Don’t wait – get your fence project started.

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Vinyl post and rail fence

Residential Fence Installation in Columbus

Get an estimate for residential fencing services to improve your home. Increase the privacy, safety, curb appeal and property value of your home and create your dream outdoor living space.

Contact our fence installers to design your new fence.

Additional residential fencing services:

  • Railings
  • Custom Gates
  • Garden Fencing
  • Composite Fences
  • Cedar Fencing
  • Trex® Fencing
  • PVC Fencing
  • HVAC Enclosures
  • Trash Can Enclosures
  • Pet Enclosures
  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Bamboo Fence
  • Deer Fencing
  • Wire Mesh Fencing
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Steel security fence

Commercial Fencing Installation in Columbus

We furnish and install commercial fencing and related products to fit all types of job requirements. Our team of installers are available for private industry and commercial site builds.

Contact us for commercial fence contractors.

Commercial fence services:

  • Security Fence
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Temporary Fence
  • Automatic Gates
  • Access Control
  • Electric Fence
  • Silt Fencing
  • Industrial Fencing
  • School Fencing
  • Athletic Fencing
  • Noise Reducing Fencing
  • Dumpster Enclosures
  • High Tensile Fence
  • Horse Fencing
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BEST Fence COMPANY Columbus Ohio

Get an estimate from our fence company in Columbus.

Request a free estimate for new fence installation or call 614-683-0500.

Our fencing companies install fences throughout Columbus and Central Ohio.

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Wood stockade fence
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Vinyl privacy fence
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Chain-link security fence

FENCE CONTRACTORS for any fencing project

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Fence Repair Columbus Ohio

Need fence repair in Columbus Ohio? Damage is never a fun thing to deal with that’s why we make it easy and quick to have your fence repaired hassle free!

Our fence repair contractors are friendly and can repair the following problems:

  • Replacing broken or missing boards
  • Strengthening loose fence posts
  • Fixing gate hinges and latches
  • Treating or replacing rotting wood
  • Adjusting fence alignment
  • Mending chain link tears
  • Painting or staining for weather protection
  • Sealing cracks or gaps
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Still looking for a Columbus fence company?

As homeowners ourselves we know how important a fence can be to the privacy and protection of our customers. Why not consider a fencing installation that enhances your property’s look and curb appeal while protecting your family, pets, and lawn. It’s time to safeguard your property from unexpected circumstances by installing a high quality fence.

Get an hassle-free and stress-free fence installation from a Columbus fence company. From getting a quote at a fair price from a fence installation company, to making an appointment, and getting everything set up is easy. From beginning to end your new fence installation will be done by a professional fence installation company.

Fence installers for these types of fences:

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FencING Installation Anywhere in Central Ohio

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Create a back yard paradise that’s private and cozy with a beautiful and durable wood fence. Our team of wood fence installers can design and build many different styles of wood fencing for your lawn or property.

Our fence company offers a variety of wood fencing options for our customers such as:

  • pressure-treated pine,
  • cedar
  • redwood

The top priority of our local fence builders is that your wood fence installation turns out excellent without spending too much money.

Inspired by a certain photo from a magazine? Our wood fence installation team in Columbus, Ohio team loves client inspired wood designs so call us today to discuss getting your new wood fencing installed.

Vinyl Fence Installers Columbus ohio

Check out the many different styles and colors of vinyl fencing available from our vinyl fence installers. Including full privacy, semi-privacy, picket styles, traditional looks, arched and scalloped. No matter what you desire our team is standing by to be your trusted fence builder.

Our contractors prefer vinyl fencing or composite fencing over any other material because it has massive advantages. Vinyl fencing requires way less maintenance than wood, steel, or metal materials. With a vinyl fence, you never have to worry about rust, corrosion, warping boards, or bug infestations which can save you thousands of dollars in the long term.

Interested but not sure which material would be right for your property? Get in touch with our Columbus fence company today to plan your project and for help in choosing which style of vinyl fencing would be the perfect fit for your lawn.

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COMPOSITE Fence Installation

Looking for a durable and stylish fence that will last for years to come? Look no further than composite fencing installation! Our professional installation companies will provide you with a stunning fence that not only looks great but also provides superior performance.

Composite fencing is made from a combination of wood and plastic, which resists rot, decay, and insect damage. Composite fences require minimal regular maintenance or repairs.

With many styles and colors to choose from, you can customize your composite fence to your preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional wood look or a more modern design, we have a composite fence option that will fit your needs.

Investing in a composite fence installation is a smart choice for homeowners who want a beautiful and long-lasting fence without the hassle of regular maintenance. Contact fencing contractors today to learn more and to schedule your installation.


A quality privacy fence installation from a Columbus fence company will increase the security of a privacy fence for your home. Too many homes do not have a safe and secure privacy fence, allowing your neighbors to look directly into your back yard.

Look for a privacy fence contractors that can:

  • Design and install a privacy fence using a wide variety of materials such as wood (cedar or pressure treated pine), vinyl, composite or metal.
  • Build on uneven terrain.
  • Help you get the necessary permits and comply with your HOA fencing rules, especially regarding the height of your privacy fence.

Get in touch with one local fencing contractor to explore your privacy fencing options.

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Fence Contractor Serving Columbus Ohio

Aluminum Fence Installation

Aluminum fence installation can greatly enhance the look and functionality of a home, while providing security, privacy, and low maintenance. From front yards to pools, our experienced aluminum fence companies offer a variety of fencing styles including picket, ornamental, security, privacy, and pool options.

Ornamental aluminum fencing is a top choice, as it provides the aesthetic of traditional wrought-iron, yet is low maintenance and will not require repainting. The lighter weight of aluminum fencing compared to metal or iron fencing adds to its appeal.

Whether for residential or commercial properties, aluminum fence panels make installation a breeze. Contact our expert aluminum fence company today to design and install your new aluminum fence or railings.

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Wrought Iron Fence Installers

Wrought iron fences are an excellent choice for adding style to a property. With various decorative styles available, such as Victorian, Gothic, Horizontal, and Contemporary, a wrought iron fence installation can enhance the appearance of any new or restored home. Our skilled fencing contractor can build you a custom fence whether you prefer a more ornate design or a simpler look.

Wrought-iron fences and gates are perfect for both residential and commercial properties. In a residential setting, they can be used to secure your yard, garden, or pool area, while in a commercial setting they are often used as security fences and gates.

Our fencing installers will help you choose the best ornamental iron fence option for your property and guide you in making a wise investment decision for your fence installation project. From selecting the right fence panel design to choosing the appropriate cast iron finials for the top of the fence pickets, our fencing company is here to help you every step of the way.


You do not need a permit to build a fence 6 feet or less in height and the fence can be built in the rear yard with no setback from your property line.

You will need a permit to build a privacy fence over 6 feet in height or if the placement of the fence interferes with the “safe visibility for motor vehicle operation.”

Note the advice above only relates to fence construction in the City of Columbus. For more information see our FAQ about fence permits in Columbus.

In Columbus, OH fences 6 feet or less in height are not regulated as a structure and can be placed in the rear yard with no setback from the property lines.

Privacy fences over 6 feet in height are regulated as a structure and are subject to setback requirements, including side yards. Fences over 6 feet in height also require a building permit.

In and around Columbus the cheapest fencing you can install will be wire fencing with an average cost of $2 per linear foot. A 6-foot high wood privacy fence will cost $25 to $32 per linear foot. Vinyl fencing will cost $25 to $35 per linear foot for a basic fence.

Your cheapest option will also depend on the styles of fence allowed by your HOA.

Check out are article on the cost of fence installation in Columbus.

This is not legal advice, but here are key rules and considerations regarding removing a neighbor’s fence in Ohio:

1. Notice Requirement:

  • Ohio Revised Code Section 971.17 requires you to give your neighbor written notice at least 28 days before removing a shared line fence. This notice should specify your intention to remove the fence and the date you plan to do so.

2. Avoiding Trespass:

  • Entering your neighbor’s property without permission to remove the fence, even partially, can constitute trespass. This wouldn’t be an issue if the fence is entirely on your property. However, if it’s a shared fence, respecting their property boundaries is crucial.

3. Shared Fence Removal Process:

  • If the fence is a shared responsibility, you must follow a specific procedure before removal. This typically involves:
    • Notifying your neighbor: As mentioned earlier, provide written notice at least 28 days prior.
    • Mediation/Agreement: Consider attempting to reach an agreement with your neighbor about the fence’s removal or replacement.
    • Formal Partition: If no agreement is reached, you can file a formal partition action in court. The court will determine the ownership and responsibility for the fence and issue an order for its removal or maintenance.

4. Exceptions and Potential Complexities:

  • These are just general rules; exceptions or complexities might arise depending on specific situations. For instance:
    • Easements: If your neighbor has an easement on your property for the fence, they may have the right to keep it.
    • Encroachment: If the fence encroaches on your property, you might have additional rights or procedures to follow.
    • Local Ordinances: Some cities or towns might have specific regulations regarding fence removal.


Given the potential complexities and legal implications, it’s always strongly advisable to consult with an attorney specializing in property law in Ohio. They can assess your specific situation, advise you on the applicable laws and procedures, and help you navigate the process smoothly while ensuring you comply with all legal requirements.

For more information see:

1. Ohio Revised Code:

2. Ohio State University Farm Office:

Professional fence installation should include complete project management from start-to-finish. Our local fence contractor will pull any necessary permits, professionally handle your fence install, and clean up any job-related debris. (Disposal fees may apply.) Upon completion of the project, your fencing contractor will walk you through a final inspection of your fence and answer any customer questions.

Plan on being present when the fence installer arrives in order to review the project plans. Also, be available when the project is completed so you can conduct a final inspection of your newly installed fence with your installer.

  • Safety: Establish a safe area for your children and animals.
  • Security: Prevent strangers from easily entering your property.
  • Boundaries: Establish clear boundaries with your neighbors.
  • Privacy: Prevent neighbors and passers by from being able to see into your property.
  • Sound barrier: Lower the noise level from neighbors and traffic.
  • Visual barrier: Hide the unattractive property of your neigbors.

The specific coverage of a fence warranty can vary depending on the manufacturer, retailer, and installer. However, there are some general things that most fence warranties cover:

Materials and Workmanship:

  • Defects in materials: This includes issues like cracks, warping, splitting, or peeling of wood, vinyl, or other materials used in the fence.
  • Defective hardware: This covers things like rusting, cracking, or malfunctioning of gate hinges, latches, or other hardware components.
  • Improper installation: This includes issues like uneven posts, sagging panels, or gaps between panels.

Some warranties may also cover:

  • Fading or discoloration: For warranties on materials like vinyl or coated wood that are intended to maintain their color.
  • Wind damage: For warranties that specifically cover storm damage.
  • Termite damage: Some warranties offer limited coverage for termite damage, depending on the material and specific terms.

It’s important to remember that warranties typically do not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear: This includes things like fading due to sun exposure, minor scratches, or gradual rusting.
  • Acts of nature: Some warranties may exclude coverage for damage from events like hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes.
  • Misuse or neglect: If you fail to properly maintain your fence or use it in a way it wasn’t intended, it may void your warranty.

Here are some tips for understanding your fence warranty:

  • Read the fine print carefully: Make sure you understand all of the terms and conditions of your warranty, including the duration of coverage, what is and isn’t covered, and the claims process.
  • Keep a copy of your warranty: This will be helpful if you need to file a claim later.
  • Ask questions: If you have any questions about your warranty, don’t hesitate to contact customer service and ask the manufacturer, retailer, or installer.

By understanding what your fence warranty covers, you can ensure that you get the most out of your investment and protect yourself from unexpected repair costs.

Fencing Contractor Columbus Ohio

Our fencing companies install and repair fences throughout the Columbus area:

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