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Wood fences are an absolute classic and have been the go-to fencing solutions for homeowners. From its affordability to its wide range of styles, wood fencing proves that it stood the test of time. Get in touch. We want to be your wood fencing company in Columbus Ohio.

Popular Wood Fence Installation Services in Columbus

Choose the Natural Beauty of a Wood Fence

Wood fencing can be customized in width, height and width. We’ll install a fence that has the right size for your property to enhance your outdoor living area, curb appeal and keep it secure and private. Wood offers a natural look and appeal. You can pick lumber with a simple or ornate look to make the beauty of your property stand out. Go for a wood fence if you want a fencing solution that’s environmentally friendly. Vinyl or chain-link fences aren’t as recyclable as wood. Recycled (reclaimed) wood can be made into a new wooden project.

Popular Types of Wood Fencing

  • Post and Rail: Popular and economical style of fence with wood posts and three to four (or more) horizontal wood rails.
  • Stockade: A type of privacy fence with no gap between the boards. Can be pointed or scalloped. Often constructed of fence panels.
  • Board on Board: A variation of the stockade fence with overlapping pickets. Prevent gaps developing between pickets.
  • Shadowbox: A privacy fence that allows air circulation by using pickets installed on both sides of the rails.
  • Picket: The classic look of spaced pickets in white or natural color.
  • Lattice: A solid fence on the bottom with a lattice accent on top for extra style.
  • Split rail: Rails made from split logs and slotted into posts.
  • Horizontal: Popular modern variation of wood fencing with horizontal pickets.
  • Gates: Finish you fence with a matching gate.
stockade style wood fence installed in columbus ohio
Capped stockade style privacy fence

Post and Rail Fences

Post and rail fencing offers many styles and options to fence your backyard.

Installed most often will be three rail fence. Three evenly spaced horizontal rails do not obstruct vision and allow installation of wire mesh.

Popular wood choices for post and rail fences in central Ohio will be pressure treated pine, which can be stained, cedar, or poplar rails combined with posts rated for ground contact.

Sometimes referred to as a “board fence”, “ranch rail” or “split rail” fence. We separate split rail from post and rail, so check our page on split rail fencing for more information.

You can add more rails to make a four rail fence or even a five rail fence.

Decorative options include:

  • gates, matching or different style
  • crossbuck fence (crossed rails)
  • post caps
three rail post and rail fence
Three rail post and rail fence
four rail post and rail fence with wire mesh installed
Four rail post and rail fence with wire mesh installed.

More Styles of Post and Rail Fences

crossbuck post and rail fence installation in columbus ohio
Crossbuck post and rail fence
five rail post and rail fence installed in columbus ohio
Five rail post and rail fence
post and rail fence gate installed in columbus ohio
Post and rail fence with custom gate


Stockade Fences

Need a privacy fence for your backyard?

Stockade fencing built of wood pickets or panels offer complete privacy. In the Columbus Metro area zoning rules will typically limit your stockade fence to 6 feet in height.

Typical woods chosen for stockade fence include:

  • SPF (Spruce Pine Fir) – natural finish or pressure treated
  • Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) that has been pressure treated
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Eastern White Cedar
  • Redwood

To ensure longevity of your new fence the wood will need to be painted, stained or sealed.

You can add decorative details such as:

  • capped fence
  • scalloped fence pickets or panels
  • dog ear pickets
  • lattice top
stockade fence with dog ear pickets installation in columbus oh
Stockade fence with dog ear pickets.
stockade fence in cedar with cedar lattice and top cap
Cedar stockade fence with lattice and top cap

Board on Board Fence

Board on board fences provide the most privacy of any stockade style fence. With a typical stockade fence the pickets are installed side by side. Over time shrinkage of the boards will expose small gaps between the pickets.

Board on board fences are installed with a first layer of boards with gaps. The second layer of boards covers these gaps with an overlap. No visible gaps will ever appear due to wood shrinkage.

Board on board fence cost: Expect to pay 30% more due to additional cost of overlapping boards.

Board on board fence often comes assembled in 6 foot by 8 foot panels.

Any woods used for stockade fences, such as cedar, redwood or pressure treated pine can be used for board on board fences.

Horizontal board on board fence installs the pickets horizontally for a modern look.

Board on board fence style options:

  • top cap and trim
  • dog ear pickets
  • scalloped or concave
  • post caps
  • board on board fence gates
redwood board on board fence with dog ear pickets installed in columbus ohio
Redwood board on board fence with dog ear pickets
board on board fence with top cap and trim built in columbus ohio
Board on board fence with top cap and trim


Shadowbox Fence

Need a privacy fence but would like more ventilation?

A shadowbox fence maintains most of your privacy but allows ventilation between the staggered rows of pickets.

This double sided style of fence uses pickets installed on both sides of the rails. Each picket covers the gap between the pickets on the opposite side.

Benefits of Shadowbox fence:

  • Much more ventilation than solid privacy fence.
  • Protects your privacy since you can not see directly through the fence.
  • Less likely to blow down due to high wind conditions.
  • Finished look on both sides since you cannot see the fence frame.

Typical wood choices for shadow box fences include, pressure treated pine, red cedar or redwood.

Shadowbox fence can come pre-assembled in 6 foot by 8 foot panels.

Options for shadowbox fencing:

  • Arched, concave or scalloped fence panels
  • Top cap and trim
  • Lattice top
shadowbox fence made of pressure treated pine with cap and trim
Shadowbox fence with cap and trim
Cedar shadowbox fence with dog ear pickets

Picket Fence

Enjoy the timeless look of a picket fence for your home. Suitable to enhance your front yard or backyard.

The typical 3 1/2 foot (occasionally 4 foot) height of a picket fence fits the zoning rules of many cities in the Columbus area. Especially for front yards or corner lots.

The fence will most likely be built of eight foot picket fence panels which arrive fully assembled.

Popular wood choices for picket fencing include:

  • Pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Eastern White Cedar

Cedar should be stained to preserve it’s natural beauty. Pine pickets can be stained or painted white for the classic white picket fence look.

You can add custom options such as:

  • dog ear pickets
  • french gothic pickets
  • scalloped fence pickets or panels
  • alternate height/width of pickets for unique look
  • post caps
Pine picket fence with dog ear pickets installed in columbus ohio
Picket fence with dog ear pickets
Picket fence with gothic pickets built in columbus oh
Gothic picket fence


Lattice Fence

Lattice fencing offers a great decorative and functional fencing option for your backyard, patio or deck.

Also, latticework can be used for trellis and pergolas.

Lattice fence panels come in a square or diamond pattern.

While a fence can be made entirely of lattice panels, also explore using lattice as a decorative topper for a stockade or similar fence,

Wood choice for lattice will usually be pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar or Eastern White Cedar.

lattice top fence panels installed in columbus oh
Lattice top fence panels with capped posts

Split Rail Fence

three rail cedar split rail fence installed in columbus ohio
Cedar split rail fence

Split rail fence offers a rustic look of rails made from split logs. Check out our page devoted to split rail fences.

Horizontal Wood Fence

horizontal wood fence in cedar installed in columbus ohio
Horizontal wood fence with cap

Enjoy the modern look of a horizontal wood fence. Check out your options on our page about horizontal fences.



Gates for Wood Fences

Your new wood fence will not be complete without gates. You have a lot of options depending on your style of fence. Take a look at these gate ideas for your wood fence.

stockade style gate
Double swing gate in stockade style fence
picket style gate in post and rail fence
Picket style gate with scalloped top
gate in shadow box style fence
Shadow box gate

What to Expect During Your Fence Installation


The first step in the process is getting an estimate. An estimator will visit your property when you are available and will measure the property. During this visit, the estimator will take measurements of the precise area you wish to fence and discuss fencing options and features like materials and gates.


Once you and the estimator agree on a fence that fits your needs, the preliminary work can begin. The fence company will write up a contract, obtain materials, and check for issues with existing utility lines. Depending on where you live in the Columbus area, you may also need to check if any permits need to be pulled before construction commences.


The first step in the actual physical process of fence installation is drilling holes for the posts. Done correctly this will ensure a durable and well spaced fence. Once the posts are ready a crew will come in and efficiently install the fence. The crew will secure whichever fence material you chose to the posts with quality hardware. This part of the fence installation proceeds quickly.


Once the fence is completed you can sit back and enjoy your new fence and the peace of mind that comes with a durable and secure fence lining your property.


Wood Fence FAQ

A wood fence will cost between $20 to $60 per linear foot. The total cost of your fence project will vary based on the size and style of fencing and the wood your use.

The choice of wood for a fence will be a tradeoff between price, durability and looks. Pressure treated pine offers durability and low cost, but other woods are more attractive. Red cedar resists insects and weather damage, but will cost more initially.

Yes, you should choose pressure treated wood if you plan to use pressure treated pine for your fence. Untreated pine will not last long in the weather and is not rated for ground contact. Untreated cedar is also a common fence material since it has a natural resistance to weather and insects.


Of the most common woods used for fences in central Ohio cedar will last the longest. Expect 30 years of durability from a cedar fence. Black locust will last even longer, but is a less common option.

The best wood choices for a picket fences will be pressure treated pine or cedar. Both are durable with cedar also having a natural oils that make it resistant to rot and insects.


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