How to Get a Fence Permit in Gahanna, OH

Before you hire a fence company in Gahanna, Ohio, find out about the process of obtaining a fence permit. Note that while we try to keep this information current, we do not represent the City of Gahanna.

City Hall of Gahanna Ohio

Do you need a permit to put up a fence in Gahanna?

Yes, you will need a Zoning Permit to build a residential or commercial fence. You will need a Building Permit to build a fence higher than 6 feet.

If you plan to build a fence over 6 feet, you will also need a zoning variance unless your property is in the “Olde Gahanna District”, known as the OCT Zoning District.

Do you need a permit to replace or repair a fence in Gahanna?

Replacement of a fence shall be allowed without a fence permit provided materials, height and location do not vary from existing fence and the placement is conforming to the current code.

Where do you get a permit to build a fence in Gahanna?

Zoning permits are obtained from the Zoning Division of the City of Gahanna.

  • Call 614-342-4025 or email:

Building Permits are issued by the Division of Building.

  • Call 614-342-4010 or email:

Both the Zoning Division and the Division of Building are located at:

200 S Hamilton Road
Gahanna, OH 43230

How much does a fence permit cost in Gahanna?

According to the Current Fee Schedule, the fee for a zoning permit for a fence under 6 feet tall is $25, and $100 for a fence over 6 feet.

How do you get a fence permit in Gahanna?

  1. Check out Gahanna’s Planning and Zoning Code regarding fences. We have published a separate article summarizing the fence regulations for Gahanna.
  2. Complete the Fence Permit Application
  3. Pay the fee according to the Current Fee Schedule. All fees are due and payable at time of submission and are nonrefundable.
  4. Provide all of the following drawings and specifications:
    • Exact location of fence
    • Location of gate(s)
    • Type of material(s)
    • Fence height
    • Property plot plan or certified survey showing streets, structures, building lines, & easements. Note:
  5. Any fence over 6 feet in height will require a zoning variance
  6. Submit as hardcopy or file online at:
  7. The applicant must contact the City of Gahanna, Zoning Division at or at 614-342-4025 to schedule a fence inspection upon completion of installation.

The following notice is found on the City of Gahanna website.

Notice to Residents and Contractors
The City will transition to a new online permitting software, OpenGov, in Summer 2024. Building permits and inspection requests will be made online to improve the customer experience. Stay tuned for transition updates over the next few months.

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