How To Get a Fence Permit in New Albany Ohio

This article covers how to get a permit for fence installation in New Albany, Ohio. Please note that we will try to keep this information up to date but we do not represent the City of New Albany.

Where do I get a fence permit in New Albany, Ohio?

You file your application with the Community Development Department.

See the Residential Building Permit Checklist and the Residential Application Packet.

New Albany Ohio City Hall
City Hall in New Albany, Ohio

How much does a fence permit cost in New Albany, Ohio?

The cost for a fence permit in New Albany is $30. Fees are due when the plan in submitted.

Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, cash and checks or money orders made payable to the City of New Albany.

What are the rules for building a fence in New Albany, Ohio?

You can find a complete copy of the New Albany, Ohio Zoning code here. See below for the sections relevant to fence installation.


1175.01 – DEFINITION.

“Fence” or “wall” means any structure composed of wood, metal, stone, brick or other material, including hedges or other plants, erected in such a manner and location so as to enclose, partially enclose or divide any premises or part of premises for the purpose of confinement, screening, partitioning, or decoration. Trellises or other structures for the purpose of supporting vines, flowers or other vegetation, when erected in such a position so as to enclose, partially enclose or divide any premises or any part of premises shall also be considered a fence.

1175.02 – APPLICATION.

The provisions of this chapter shall apply to any zoning district where residences are a permitted use.


No fence or wall, as defined above, may be erected within the Municipality unless a property owner or his agent files application with the Zoning Inspector. Such application shall be on such forms as provided by the Municipality and shall include a drawing of the lot, to scale, showing the actual location of the proposed fence or wall. The Zoning Inspector shall review each application to determine its compliance with the provisions of this Ordinance. Each property owner shall determine property lines and certify that the fence or wall does not encroach upon another lot or parcel of land.


The permitted height of a fence or wall shall be determined by its location on the property as follows:(a)A fence or wall not exceeding fifty-four (54) inches in height may be erected between the building setback line and a line three (3) feet toward the building setback line from the street right-of-way line provided the provisions of subsection (c) hereof are met. No fence or wall may be erected within three (3) feet of the street right-of-way line.(b)A fence or wall not exceeding seventy-two (72) inches in height may be erected in any area of the lot behind the building setback line.(c)No fence, hedge, or wall shall be erected on any lot in such a manner so as to obscure the vision of motorists approaching a street, intersection, within a twenty-five (25) feet clear sight distance along either street approaching said intersection.


No person shall erect or maintain any fence or wall charged with electrical current, nor shall any person erect or maintain any fence or wall having wire or metal prongs or spikes, or other cutting points or edges. This prohibition shall not apply to fences erected in the A District for the purposes of enclosing livestock.

Map of New Albany, OH

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