Circleville Ohio Fence Permit

This article covers how to get a permit for building a fence in Circleville, Ohio. Before starting a fence installation in Circleville, Ohio please check out the guide below.

Please note that we will try to keep this information up to date but we do not represent the City of Circleville.

Do you need a permit to build a fence in Circleville?

Yes, in order to build a fence you need a Fence Zoning Permit from the City of Circleville.

How much does a Residential Fence Zoning Permit from the City of Circleville cost?

$25. See the updated fee schedule here:

Where do you get a Residential Fence Zoning Permit in Circleville, Ohio?

You contact:

City of Circleville
Department of Public Service
City Administration Building
104 East Franklin Street
Circleville, OH 43113

You will need this form: Residential Fence Zoning Permit

Sections of Circleville Ohio Planning and Zoning Code Relevant to Fences

521.07 FENCES.

(a) No person shall erect or maintain any fence charged with electrical current.

(b) No person shall erect or maintain a barbed wire fence which abuts or is adjacent to any public street or sidewalk. This subsection (b) does not prevent the placement and use of not more than three strands of barbed wire on top of a fence other than a barbed wire fence, provided such strands are not less than seventy-two inches from the ground.

(c) Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.


(a) Definition.

(1) “Fence” or “wall” means any structure composed of wood, metal, stone, brick or other material, including hedges or other plants, erected in such a manner and location so as to enclose, partially enclose or divide any premises or part of premises for the purpose of confinement, screening, partitioning, or decoration. Trellises or other structures for the purpose of supporting vines, flowers or other vegetation, when erected in such a position so as to enclose, partially enclose or divide any premises or any part of premises shall also be considered a fence.

(2) A “decorative fence” shall mean a fence that is not suited for the confinement of animals or property and the opacity of the fence is less than twenty-five percent (25%). Such decorative fences shall not include chain link fences or fences consisting of discarded wood or debris.

(b) Permit Required. No fence or wall, as defined above, may be erected within the City unless the property owner or his agent files application with the Zoning Inspector. Such application shall include a drawing of the lot, showing the actual location of the proposed fence or wall. The property owner shall determine property lines and certify that the fence or wall does not encroach upon another lot or parcel of land. The owner shall also identify any dedicated easements and/or drainage structures in the immediate vicinity of the proposed fence and shall certify that he/she shall bear all future costs and liability associated with such fence being located on or over such dedicated easements or drainage structures.

(c) Height and Location. The permitted height of a fence or wall shall be determined by its location on the property as follows:

(1) A fence or wall not exceeding seventy-two inches (72″) in height may be erected in any area of the lot behind the building setback line.

(2) A decorative fence or wall not exceeding forty-eight inches (48″) in height may be erected within the front yard of any R District provided that the following conditions are met:
A. The fence or hedge is located not less than three (3) feet from the street right-of-way line, and
B. Such decorative fence shall not be opaque, and
C. The provisions of subsection (d) hereof, are met.

(3) In any nonresidential district, a fence or wall of any height may be erected in any portion of the lot provided all portions of the fence are at least one (1) foot from the property line, and the provisions of subsection (d) hereof are met.

(4) No fence, hedge, or wall shall be erected on any lot in such a manner so as to obscure the vision of motorists approaching a street intersection, within a twenty-five (25) feet clear sight distance along either street approaching said intersection.

(5) All fences shall be maintained by the owner of the property in a neat and orderly manner.
(d) Prohibited Fences. In any residential district, no person shall erect or maintain any above ground fence or wall charged with electrical current, nor shall any person erect or maintain any fence or wall having wire or metal prongs or spikes, or other cutting points or edges.
(Ord. 12-68-2019. Passed 12-17-19.)

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