How to get a Fence Permit in Baltimore Ohio

This article covers how to get a permit for building a fence in Baltimore, Ohio. Before starting a fence installation in Baltimore, Ohio please check out the guide below.

Please note that we will try to keep this information up to date but we do not represent the Village of Baltimore Ohio.

Complete a Fence Permit Application

A zoning permit application must be completed and submitted to the Zoning Administrator. You can get the Fence Permit Application here.

You can find the Zoning Administrator at:

103 West Market Street
Baltimore, Ohio 43105

How much does a fence permit cost in Baltimore Ohio?

An application for a fence permit in Baltimore Ohio costs $50.

Site Review

“Once the permit has been reviewed for development standards, accuracy, and completeness, the Zoning Administrator will contact you to have the site staked out for a site review.”

Issuance of Zoning Permit

“Once the site review has been completed, a Zoning Permit will be issued. The permit will be accompanied by a card which must be posted while the work is being performed”

How long is a fence permit valid in Baltimore Ohio?

“The work approved by the Zoning Permit must be started within one year of the issuance of the permit and completed within two years.”

Summary of zoning regulations for fences in Baltimore Ohio?

  • Fences cannot exceed six (6) feet in height; fences in front yards cannot exceed four (4) feet in height.
  • Chain link, mesh wire, barbed wire or similar sharp point fences are prohibited. Exceptions: Galvanized chain link fence with rolled over top wires with a horizontal support tube will be permitted in any residential district, other than planned districts.
  • Electrically charged fences are prohibited, unless on sites of more than ten (10) acres used to confine livestock.
  • All fences and walls must have the finished non-structural face outward.
  • Fences cannot encroach on public right-of-ways or easements.
  • Fences cannot be constructed on the property line or on or within any easement. All fences must have a minimum of one foot from the property line.
  • All fences on one parcel must have a unified style.
  • Fences cannot be constructed until surveyor pins are visible; if not, a survey must be done.


Village of Baltimore Zoning Code relevant to fences

Chapter 1272 General Development Standards

1272.05 Fences

A. Applicability.

The section applies to all Fences in all Districts within the Village of Baltimore.

B. Permit Required.

Notwithstanding Section 1272.05(C), no Fence shall be constructed, altered or reconstructed
without a Zoning Permit from the Zoning Administrator and after such application has been

C. Exceptions for Temporary Fences.

The following temporary Fences shall be exempt from the provisions of this section:
  1. Temporary construction Fences when such Fence is indicated as such on an
    approved Development plan.
  2. Temporary Fences used for Special Events and shown on an approved plot plan
    for said event.
  3. Temporary snow Fences installed by any Government agency.
  4. Temporary Fences installed for the protection of the public from any obvious

D. Types of Fences Prohibited.
  1. Chain link, mesh wire, barbed wire or similar sharp point Fences are prohibited. Except,
    however, galvanized chain link Fence with rolled over top wires with a top horizontal
    support tube will be permitted in any residential District, other than the Planned Unit
  2. Electrically charged Fences shall be forbidden in all Districts except on sites of more than
    ten (10) acres to confine livestock.

E. Fence Height.
  1. Any Fence located to the side or rear of a Principal Structure shall not exceed six
    (6) feet in height. Any Fence that extends in front of a Principal Structure shall
    not exceed four (4) feet in height. Such Fences may be used to enclose the entire
    perimeter of a Lot. (rev 2019-18)
  2. These height requirements shall not apply to Fences around Private Family
    Swimming Pools. In such cases, Section 1272.17 shall apply.
F. Other Fence Requirements.
  1. All Fences shall be maintained in good condition, be structurally sound and
    attractively finished at all times. Any ground between the Fence and the
    property line shall be well maintained.
  2. All Fences and walls must present the finished non-structural face outward so
    that the finished side is facing the public right-of-way or neighboring Lots.
  3. No Fence shall be constructed on the Lot Line. All Fences shall be a minimum of
    one (1) foot from the Lot Line.
  4. No Fence or wall shall be constructed in any platted no-build zone,
    conservation/no disturb zone, Floodway, Floodplain or drainage easement for
    any parcel or subdivision, which would be detrimental to the public health, safety
    and welfare. All portions of the property shall remain accessible from outside
    the Fence area by means of a gate or other opening.
  5. The material for a Fence must be the same for the entire rear yard. A second
    material may be permitted for the front yard. Changes in the types of materials
    utilized may only take place along the Side Lot Lines at some point between
    front and rear of the principal Structure.
  6. Guard rails shall not be used as a Fence.
  7. No Fence shall be constructed in the absence of surveyor pins being directly
    visible on the site. If the surveyor pins are not directly visible on the site, a
    survey must be done at the Owners’ expense.
G. Inspections.

It shall be the duty of each property Owner to determine Lot Lines and to ascertain that the
constructed Fence does not deviate from the plans approved by the Village, and that such Fence does not encroach upon another Lot nor is it in violation of any deed restrictions. The Village shall furnish such inspection as is deemed necessary to determine that the Fence is constructed in accordance with plans submitted with the approved Zoning Permit. However, the issuance of the permit by the Village shall not be construed to mean that the Village has determined that the Fence is not encroaching upon another Lot, nor shall it relieve the property Owner of the duty imposed upon him herein.

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