Best Time of Year to Build a Deck

Diana Sawyer

October 13, 2022

If you’re deciding to add a new deck to your home, you might be thinking it’s best to do this in spring or summer. This will be a mistake—the best time of year to build a deck is winter. 

This might seem counterintuitive because winter is cold, there’s snow and ice. So why would you want to build a deck in winter? Well, there are several reasons why you should contact a deck builder during winter. 

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So, What is the Best Time to Build a Deck? 

Contrary to popular belief, the best time to build a deck isn’t during spring or summer. The best time to build a deck is during Fall and Winter. 

But building a deck during the colder seasons doesn’t have its pros and cons. For example, one of the pros of building a deck in winter is that it will be done in time to your deck in spring. So you’ll be able to enjoy your deck for the entire year. 

However, one of the negatives is that snow and ice can delay the building of your deck. During January and February, snow can be a real danger. But on the other hand, winter does tend to be a quiet time for contractors, So this means that they will be able to devote most of their attention to your deck. 

Another reason to build a deck in winter is that you’ll be one of the few people to do this. In most cases, homeowners will think that the best time of year to build a deck will be during summer and spring. 

A third reason why building a deck in winter is a good idea is because the hard and cold ground is better suited for digging. The low humidity levels will also be suitable for the lumber needed during construction. The low humidity level will also allow for the foundation to settle better. 

So can you install a deck in the fall or winter?

The simple answer is yes. Yes, you can install a new deck in fall or winter. In fact, you definitely should. There are plenty of reasons why you should build your deck in winter, especially if you are using wood or composite decking. 


One of the more common materials used to build decks is wood. Because wood is commonly used, it’s best to build your deck in winter. It’s also important to remember that the warm temperatures can damage the wood in your deck during spring and summer. 

The heat from the sun will warp the wood. The warping can make it difficult even for experienced contractors to align correctly. The distortion can be worse, especially when the wood has been out in the sun for a long time. The cold weather during winter will keep the wood from expanding. 

Just remember, if you’re building a non-wood deck, this won’t apply to you. If you decide to use PVC, aluminium, or composite decking, the material will warp in a different way compared to wood. 

Trex or another composite decking

Composite decking is fast becoming one of the popular alternative materials for decking. This material is popular because it’s made from recycled materials, which means it’s eco-friendly. 

Composite decking can be made from different types of materials. 

Composite decking is made from a Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) material. WPC is made from a combination of wood fibres, colourants, plastics, and tiny amounts of bonding agents. The primary purpose of this combination is to withstand harsh weather conditions and last a long time. 

This combination of materials is heated into a molten mix and extracted at high pressures in board-shaped lengths. The boards are then embossed with a finish before it is cooled. This process means that the panels will need less maintenance while looking authentic.

Trex composite decking has been around since 1996. They have worked to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wood-alternative deck materials. Today, Trex composite decking is now available in more than 40 countries across the globe. 

Advantages of Building a Deck in the Fall or Winter

As we mentioned before, there are some advantages to building your deck during the colder seasons.

Save Money

Building a deck in winter will save money on labour and material costs. Winter and even fall are sometimes the slowest seasons for contractors. The reason for the quiet season is that most people won’t use their decks during the colder seasons and stay indoors. 

So building a deck in fall or winter might make it easier to find an experienced and knowledgeable contractor at an affordable price. Most contractors will be happy to earn more money before the year ends. Most contractors will be glad to provide their services at a lower cost in these situations. 

Another advantage is that the cost of materials will be lower during winter. In most cases, contractors will purchase their materials from wholesale vendors instead of retailers. The vendors will often sell their goods at a lower price because of the quiet season. 

Easier to find a contractor

During the warmer periods of the year, it can be challenging to find an experienced contractor to build your deck. This means that building your deck in winter will make it easier to find a contractor to work on your deck. 

Landscape Friendly

Building your deck in winter means that there will be minor damage to your property. The reason for less damage is that the ground is more stable in winter. 

Whereas in spring, the ground will have more moisture because of thawing. The moisture will make the ground unstable. When the contractors walk in your garden while working, they will leave footprints on your lawn. 

A stable ground in winter will ensure that there is minimal damage to your lawn while they build your deck. Less damage means that you won’t have to worry about repairing any damage caused by the workers. 

Having a deck in your home can lead to plenty of beautiful memories with you and your family. However, building a deck means you need to plan your project correctly. 

So you have to remember that timing is one of the essential factors in building a deck—the best time of year for building a deck in winter. 

Winter helps pressurise treated wood.

In some cases, contractors will use wood that was pressure treated and will only have half of its moisture content. This treatment, along with no humidity in a dry winter, will make the wood stabilise quickly and dry evenly. 

However, there is plenty of humidity in summer. The humidity will make it harder for the wood to dry evenly. 

Less damage to the wood during installation

In areas where it can get scorching hot, you need to think about the possible damage to wood. The heat can cause the wood to expand, which will result in warping and cracks. Also, the constant contracting and expanding will make it harder for the contractor to install your deck correctly.

Won’t Have To Wait To Enjoy Your New Deck

When you build your deck in winter, it means that you won’t have to wait to start enjoying your new deck. As soon as it gets warm outside, you will be able to start enjoying your deck. So you, your friends and your family will have more time to enjoy your deck.

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